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Wifi-4g is a 3G and 4G support wireless router, referred to as 3G routing or 4G routing. Support wired and wireless Internet access, the device loaded VPN tunnel, wifi LAN security transmission certification. Added watchdog circuit. In order to ensure long-term stability of the product and customer experience. Built-in sim card interface, support Unicom, mobile, telecom operators 3G 4G sim card. Motherboard also supports a USB2.0 interface, a TF card interface, user-friendly storage and expansion features, the standard power supply 12V1A, the maximum 13V minimum 9V

Signed a strategic agreement with Hunan Communist Party

The factory has 70 production lines, about 25,000 square meters, and the peak output can reach ab...


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Research new directions

The company began to study infrared thermometer


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